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Xiamen Outline

Natural Geography

For its irresistible beauty Xiamen is described as Garden on the Sea whose attractiveness is comparable to the famous Hawaii . It is also called Egret Island for it provides the habitat for white egrets. 

Xiamen has numerous parks, hills, waters, temples and gardens that comprise a most adorable picture. Its unique folk customs, celebrities well known at home and abroad and the many historical sites are magnetic to visitors. Among the most popular tourist destinations are Gulangyu Island, Wanshi Botanic Garden, thousand-year-old Nanputuo Temple, Jimei Schools built by Mr. Tan Ka Kee (a famous overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia in the first half of the 20th century), Ciji Palace, Huli Hill Fort where the world's oldest shore cannon is displayed and the hometown of Mr. Su Song (a scientist living in the Song Dynasty) 

Blessed with fresh air and smooth traffic, the city is tranquil and graceful, free from the hustle and bustle, traffic jam and stale air typical of big cities. 

Cultural and sports activities, theatrical performances and art exhibitions endure all year round, providing a wide spectrum of choices for citizens to find spiritual and physical enjoyment. In Xiamen you will not experience the tediousness of life that is typical to small cities.

Xiamen keeps an excellent record of public safety. According to the surveys ever conducted the citizens feel that they are living in the safest city in China . Based on the investigation made by Fujian Provincial Cities Investigation Team, 98% of the local residents are strongly confident with the safety in their communities, the highest rate in the province.

The local people are open-minded, friendly and hospitable. Xiamen has many foreign sister cities, such as Cardiff (UK), Sasebo (Japan), Cebu (the Philippines), Baltimore (USA), Wellington (New Zealand), Penang (Malaysia), Maroochy Shire (Australia) and Kaunas (Lithuania).

Administrative Divisions

Xiamen , on the southeastern coast of China , to the west of Taiwan Strait , covers a total area of 1,565 square kilometers and has a permanent population of 2.17 million. Under the jurisdiction of the municipality are six districts Siming, Huli, Jimei, Haicang, Tong'an and Xiang'an.

Dubbed " China 's coziest city", Xiamen has a pleasant climate, picturesque views and clean and tidy environment. In 2002, Xiamen received the Gold Medal at the "International Nations in Bloom" competition in Stuttgart , Germany . Domestic awards have included " National Sanitary City ", "National Garden City", " National Model City for Environmental Protection", "National Excellence in Tourism"and "National Top 10 Most Livable Cities". 

Xiamen was one of the first four special economic zones (SEZ) in China . One of the few municipalities enjoying independent status in state economic planning, Xiamen enjoys provincial level autonomy and local legislative power in economic administration. 

Xiamen is one of the most competitive cities in China . It ranks the fifth on the "List of the Most Competitive Cities in China " published by the Economic Daily at the beginning of 2002. 

Xiamen Municipal Government Institution

· Xiamen Municipal Government ( http:/ / www.xm.gov.cn )

· Xiamen Development Planning Commission ( http://www.xmdpc.gov.cn)

· Xiamen Foreign Investment Bureau ( http: //www.fdi-xiamen-cn.com )

· Xiamen Economic Development Bureau ( http://www.xmjfw.gov.cn)

· Xiamen Municipal Trade Development Bureau ( http://www.xmtdc.gov.cn)

· Xiamen Municipal Finance Bureau ( http://www.xmzf c g.gov.cn)

· Xiamen Police Bureau ( http://www.ga.xm.gov.cn/)

· Xiamen Municipal Justice Bureau ( http://www.xmsf.gov.cn/ )

· Xiamen Municipal Statistics Bureau ( http://www.stats-xm.gov.cn/ )

· Xiamen Industrial and Commercial Administration Buraeuhttp://www.xm.fjaic.gov.cn/ 

· Xiamen National Taxation Bureau ( http://ww w .xm-n-tax.gov.cn )

· Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau ( http://www.xm-l-tax.gov.cn )

· Xiamen Urban Planning Bureau ( http://www.xmgh.gov.cn )

· Xiamen State Land Resources and Real Estate Management Bureau (http://www.xmtfj.gov.cn )

· Xiamen Construction & Management Bureau ( http://www.xmcic.com.cn )

· Xiamen Environmental Protection Bureau ( http://www.xmepb.gov.cn )

· Xiamen Fire Brigade ( http://www.119 .gov.cn )

· Xiamen Municipal Engineering & Landscaping Bureau ( http://www.xmszyl.gov.cn )

· Xiamen Construction Management Service Center ( http://wwwNaNsc.xm.gov.cn/ )

· Xiamen Municipal Personnel Bureau ( http://www.xmrs.gov.cn )

· Xiamen Labour and Social Security Bureau ( http://www.xmldbzj.gov.cn/ )

· Xiamen Work Safety Bureau ( http://www.xmsafety.gov.cn/ )

· Xiamen Municipal Science & Technology Bureau ( http://www.xminfo.net.cn )

· Xiamen Intellectual Property Office ( http://www.ipo.xm.gov.cn/ )

· Xiamen Technology Supervision Bureau ( http://www.jj.xm.fj.cn )

· Foreign Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal Government (http://www.foreignaffairs.xm.gov.cn )

 Xiamen Water Supply Company ( http://www.xiamenwater.com )

· Xiamen Electricity Bureau ( http://www.xmep.com.cn )

· Xiamen Telecommunication Co.Ltd. ( http://www.xmt e lecom.com.cn )